Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gruyères et Genève

City of Cheese

Lately, I've been in a bit of a Pumpkin Pie Frenzy.
I had no idea how much fresh pumpkin I should buy, so I just bought a very large jack-o-lantern pumpkin. So far it has made 2 large pies, 1 small pie, soup for 4 people and there is still enough for another pie and more something else.
Luckily everyone who has tried said pies has liked it quite a bit so it's no problem finding tummies for it all.

Usually, Cyril, Jacques, Vanessa and I go somewhere together every weekend.

Cheese factory/museum in Gruyères.

On the way to the castle.

At the castle.

In the castle.
You will find that upholstery in my house in 10 years.

We love castles quite a bit.

The only street in the village.

We had to faire le stop to the train station because we accidentally took the train in the wrong direction.

City of English-Speakers

Playing in the park, as usual.

We stopped for coffee and aspartame drinks.

Video cameras are fabulous fun.

To the market we go!
Sorry about the indecent lady there.

Things are literally falling apart and it's still not that cheap.

There are also very strange things there, but I like it.

We stumbled across the Friends set.

What should I be for Halloween? It's only a week away or something.

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Kyle Phaneuf said...

Three things:

•It's really funny to me that you found the Central Perk, a place that is so New York the very name betrays its location, in Switzerland. They sort of messed up by putting the Friends logo on the window, though. I bet they served things with really embarassing names, like the Chandler Bing Cherry Muffin or Joey's Special Hot Chocolate or something. If you're going to recreate a fictional place in real life, you may as well go all the way. Why can't they let us believe?

•Aspartame is really bad for you. It's pretty much the worst thing you can find in the American diet, and we eat a lot of bullshit.

•I like reading about you.