Thursday, October 2, 2008


Home, Home On The Range

It just wouldn't be a trip to Medicine Hat
without a stop to feed the gophers.

It's a bit funny to write my first "Back in Canada" post two months after the "I'm back in Canada" moment. Maybe then I would have had some more profound sentiments to share, but as of now, life is just going on.

This is what life is these days: University (consisting of French grammar & medieval literature, German, Spanish and Ocean Science), trying to scrape up some free time now and then, getting our apartment together (which I think we have finally achieved, although I think it will never be DONE), getting things done that need to be done. And that last one is taking more time that I could have possibly imagined. School, I imagine it takes a lot of my time and it does. But my To-Do list with no more than 6 things on it took me 4 hours today? And I didn't even leave the house.

Hooray for being independent.

Driver change pit-stop.

Little brother got hungry.

Lovely wheat field.

Cyril & Joel checkin' out Grandma & Pappa's new crib.

The toilets at Medalta Potteries.


She was too busy eating to care about us.

Alberta Badlands.

Hoodoo with seats!

T-Rex and the Royal Tyrell Museum!


Strange animal.

Lake Louise.

We are a very enthusiastic looking bunch.

The drive home got foggy!

It's the start of my favorite month today.