Friday, November 2, 2007

Dinner PartY

We Are Sophisticated

And Sophisticated People throw dinner parties.
(Introductions: l-r: Philippe, Michelle, Isabelle, Jacques, Cyril, Erin, Vanessa and Julia)

This is what they look like.

Boys sometimes get makeup smeared on their shirt collars somehow.

Ladies sit and look pretty.

And men talk about politics.

Look pretty.


Siblings get along and even pose for pictures.

Couples get their pictures taken too.

And sometimes when there is a bit too much wine involved, strange things start to happen.

People make weird faces and pick up cats in their black suit jackets.

But we never overdo it, not to worry.

I was joking about the male/female roles by the way. Obviously.
Looking forward to another party tomorrow!

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Vanessa said...

oh i see what you did here.