Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mum-Poc Visit Part III

Last Leg Standing

"The time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of other things. Of shoes and ships and ceiling wax, of cabbages and kings."
It was depressing as a child to see the walrus having devoured those innocently cute oysters. They were lured away never to see their mother/grandma again! What tragedy in childrens' films. I suppose you have to learn it sometime.
Above photo: Mum, Cyril & Meinrad (Cyril's dad)

My new favorite way of sightseeing: boat cruise!

City of Konstanz, Germany

Our boat trip: Kreuzlingen, CH on the Bodensee (Lake Constance),
into the Rhein River to Schaffhausen, CH.
I just spent 10+ minutes looking for a map, but got nothing.

Windy & cold on deck!

Sitting in the warm, drinking tea, watching the scenery go by.

Just to clarify once more, it was windy and cold.
Cyril seems to be loving it.

Erin "Lazy Eye" Stodola, hello.

Nature, hello.

The bridge went flying over our heads.

Deserted streets of Schaffhausen.
Switzerland was playing that day...

This way to...


The Rheinfall.

You don't want to go rafting here.

Patience pays off.
We waited 15 hours for another group to get out of our shot,
and in the end they offered to take a picture.

It was mighty powerful and mighty misty.

My girls.
I was crouching, that's why I look like the shortest one...
(PS, who looks like who?)

Well my little oysters, the time has come to get grillin'! There will be no oysters involved in this meal, you can be sure of that.
Till next time, find the person on the bus with a smile on his face for no apparent reason and realise you should be doing the same.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Mum-Poc Visit Part II

Onward, Land-Lubbers

Right here, this nicely sums up the weather in Switzerland from June 3 to 8. "Oh, let's take a nice scenic train ride through the Alps that comes down beautifully to Lake Geneva." "How lovely!" "Why can't we see any mountains?" "Oh goodness, it seems to be... now what's the right phrase? Yes, pissing rain." And foggy, if you want to up-it a notch.

Although it was a nice ride.
They probably enjoyed it more than we did
because they didn't know what they were missing.

It gave us time to goof off.

Ooh aah, Château de Chillon.

Who is stepping on my head?

The view toward Montreux.

The view from the secret balcony!
Joc decided she enjoys opening closed doors in centuries-old castles.

Us on the secret balcony!
I told her to make a
"heck yes, we are so bad!" face and this is what she did.

Upon discovering Jocelyn's love of snooping,
Cyril hid in a tunnel where he figured she'd look.
We all screamed.

The King's bedroom.


Myriame having a paroose around.
(PS, why is that word not in the dictionary?
It's clearly a real word.)

Mm, wine under progress.
The ride from Montreux to Lausanne.


Joc & Mum in Geneva.
There's a giant football atop the Jet d'Eau,
but it's covered by the flag.

Jocelyn being a squirrel.

Euro fever. Oh help me.
The mamas look nice, though.

Cathedral in Geneva.

The door will eat you!

Inside having a well-deserved break.

And this nicely sums up how we felt when the day was done and over.
Again, Poc is being more subtle here with the facial expressions...

I'll let you all in on a sneak peak (it would seem I really like this phrase, as it always sounds like I just used it every time I use it. It's not even really a sneak peak this time either. Is that a self-hint?) at my summer plans.

July 2: Bern - Paris
July 4: Paris - Bristol
July 10: London - Cork
July 17: Shannon - Paris
July ?: Paris - Bern
blah blah fun sun packing blah dah
August 6: Zurich - Vancouver - (most likely) Osoyoos

Hopefully we can get HERE, to the Ireland you had no idea existed.
Any suggestions on what to see in this green green country would be lovely!

Here's to wishing you were here at Euro 08 madness and I was where you are.

Mum-Poc Visit Part I

My Side of the World

Having visited more than one city every day of their trip, I certainly think these photos are best spread over more than one jam-packed-to-explosion post.
Here is installment #1.

After lost luggage, misleading train station personnel, (not-at-all) FUN on the metro and a long train ride, Dear Mum & Sister arrived in Bern where they both broke down from utter exhaustion and were more than happy to let me take them home. I did, and they slept.

Day Two:

Mum & Jocelyn atop Bern's cathedral.

It took 3 shots to get this.
Joc was consistently nice-looking,
it was the goofs on either side messing it up.

Looking dooooown.

Sea of red brick.

FYI the cathedral seems to be haunted.


We're-waiting-for-beer faces.
This tiny place, the Altes Tramdepot, brews it's own beer.

Cat in a sac!

Day Three:

Hike up a small mountain in Neuchâtel.

Hold on, I need to "stop for a picture".
Code for "catch my breath".

Still not at the top.

Neuchatel's cathedral.

Josellini & I.

What tourists...

Ar, yer scurvy sea dog, I'm fixin' me ship!

Joc, thoroughly unimpressed by Mumsie's kisses in Luzern.


My good ol' clown shoes.

Kappelbrücke and the old town.

This makes me thirsty.
Or was it the Reese cookies I just ate?


Hello, Zürich.
Hello Jocelyn grabbing footballers' bottoms.

They were quite big.
The figures.

My namesake on the cathedral door.

I will be back shortly with more adventures from the Stodola Ladies. Until then, write me a comment. Don't be shy!
Although this will turn out being below Part II, so it's my guess you end up reading these posts backward. Such is life. You can plan everything out, but people are gonna do what they're gonna do and there ain't nothing you can do bout it!
See you around, sugar lips.