Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Chillin' wiff my Boyz


Not much has happened in the 15 minutes since my last post.
I thought about painting my nails, wondered when Cyril would get home from University, closed the window and saw that it is now dark outside. Pretty exciting, I know.

We like playgrounds.

My boys and their Grandparents went to Ballenberg a while back. Again.

Good thing I had been before though, because little boys have no patience for looking in fascinating old buildings.

They can turn on the charm when they want to.


Lovely Switzerland.


This is why I got bored.

I'm a pretty good nanny.

Cow Parade! Oh Switzerland.
It represents the end of summer when the farmers take the cows down from the mountains.

Then there was a farmer festival in the city and they sheared a sheep.

Cyril likes hanging out with the boys and I when he has time.
He's a keeper, right?

This weekend we're going to Italy. Viva Italia.
Cyril is taking a Tibet language course at University and he's learning the alphabet out loud right now. It sounds pretty hilarious and kind of like Japanese - so far.

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