Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Strasbourg, France

Where Babys Come From

The region of Alsace in France is where all the storks in the world live. We all know that babys are given to parents by storks, so one will conclude that all babys come from Alsace.
Killer Road Trip Part II:

A little Road Trip TLC for Cyril with Jacques and Phantom Planet

Strasbourg avec Julia Weiser.

This is what our road trips are about: snuggles

My brother and sister side by side in France.
I found them like that.

Those trees were an amazing colour.

Alsace style houses.
The storks usually hang out on top of them, but it is too cold for them now.

Cyril started it.

Cyril bought me this house.

Favorite colour: blue.

We later had coffee by the river behind the trees on the left.

Jacques is fluent in French. Although I am quite capable, thank you.
It was useful, especially when my meal came with bacon in it once. The French word for bacon: lard.

Europe is wonderful.

Lovely Julia. She's going to Nepal for several months soon, boo.

The only former Nazi concentration camp on French soil. Called Natzweiler-Struthof, so chilling you can't believe it.

After that place we needed to know there was still love in the world! Don't panic, there is.
Story: Reiner (remember him from the last post?) wanted to know at breakfast who was together with who. I said Cyril is my boyfriend and he says "why?. We didn't know what to say to that, so Jacques said he was together with Julia and that they met on the Love Boat and that Julia saved him from the water. Clearly a made up story but it worked for Reiner. So the rest of the trip Jacques and Julia were a faux-couple.

View from the road.

Trying to find somewhere to eat, we found a hidden jem.

The streets of Barr, France.

I do not suggest trying to find someplace to eat at 5pm on a Sunday in Europe.
Sundays suck over here, by the way. You can't do anything, not even buy flour at the grocery store if you're out and you want to make muffins.

Alsace specialty: la tarte flambée

How was Thanksgiving? I was wondering when it was and then I saw pages for getting over the stuffed-full-of-food-ness and I realised it's been and gone. Or has it? Cyril and I are going to scour the market on Saturday for an acceptable pumpkin (or 2 or 3) to make into a pie and pumpkin seed snacks. It just doesn't feel like Thanksgiving time yet - it's so warm and sunny and there are only a few Autumn displays here and there and catalogues for Christmas are already out. So it's not here yet or I already missed it...

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