Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Paris in Spring

Getting Tired Of Paris Yet?
And I don't mean the Hilton variety.

I don't know why I made that joke; it was quite lame, I won't lie.
This is the first time I've had some alone time with my blog in over a month, as the last post would tell me. Blah blah, excuses, would you just take a look at the quantity (and hopefully quality!) of these photos I am allowed this excuse because I do not feel it is an excuse but the hard truth! Right.

We were in Paris once again a few weeks ago. We did a lot of lounging (at homes and in various parks) and TV watching to be honest. On your fourth substantial stay, I'd reckon you're allowed this luxury.

The Sennwald siblings came to stay for a weekend. That was a really nice shaker to our usual stints in La Ville d'Amour. Jolly fun.

Near our apartment.
After checking out a sorry excuse of a thrift store.

First park on the Park-Crawl.

Note to self: do not wear high-heels whilst meandering through Paris.

On the way to pick up Jacques and Vanessa.

On the bus.

The Louvre from the bus. Still haven't been...

We went to humour Vanessa.

Just kidding.

Learning from past experience, we took the elevator.

La Seine.

After scarfing chocolate-dripping waffles.

This is the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth.

Cyril's Adam's Apple and manly scruffed chin.

La Fleche d'Or: the free, quite fabulous club 10 minutes from our apartment.

Please read the English translations.
Soup vermiculation with the chickens, anyone?

Sacre Coeur after a downpour.

I guess I like that umbrella.


Vanessa does not enjoy having her photo taken.

We were having a Benny Ninja pose-off. This was the catalogue category, fyi.

This is perhaps a fashion school.

12 € skinny Jeans. Thank you Tati!

We were on our way to discovering the Tati gem.

Near Place d'Italie.

Jardin des Plantes.


We really liked that tree.

Baby turtle aaah!

He looks tiled.

We really liked these trees.

Only time I've seen a peacock with his tail fanned and he showed us (and the female, what?) the bum the entire time.

Coolest animal on the PLANET!
The Takin.

It is for REAL yellow. It is not my filter this time.
It's also crazy looking like a bear, goat, cow, deer, moose all in one!

Zee apartment.

A park with a grotto.

Aquarium! Seahorse.

Creepy. They were babies.

In the apartment building.

Paris. C'est tout.

Good Heavens, I am exhausted.
More coming within the next few days. I'm hoping to have both a productive and relaxing long weekend. I think this can be achievable.

What music do you listen to whilst exercising? I want music to Pump Me UP while I'm jogging through the forest beside my house. Danke.