Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Round the Corner from my Hood

Where I Actually Live
(For real this time)

You might have heard about this: There was a violent riot in Bern a few weeks ago!

The story goes: The right-wing party of Switzerland, the SVP, were planning to have a party in the middle of Bern but the police told them it was not a good idea (those who like them really like them and those who don't like them really don't like them) but they did it anyway. The extreme left guys got really mad and crashed their party and thre things over and burned things, right in the middle of Bern - the sleepiest city in the country. By malchance, Myriame was caught in the middle of everything and got shot with a rubber bullet! She is okay though.

I don't feel bad for the SVP. Besides their recent win in the elections (boo), they also do things like this:

You don't need to know what the words say, check out the image.

How can crazy things happen here?

The cat, Micio.

Bike rides!

Who is that little boy?


We dressed colourful to attract butterflies.
It didn't work, but that was just as well because I realised I didn't want butterflies on me once I got there.

Miss Fish and Jacques has a short, but sweet love affair.

Butterflies like flowers. So do I.

Vanessa is a pirate.

On the way to the zoo.

"Can I have a sugar daddy, please?" Cyril
"Ein Zuckerwatte?" Man
"Yeah, sugar daddy" Cyril

Bunnies at the zoo!


Mountain goats!

Children jumping in leaves!

I need to work on this updating business. Although if you knew the love and attention I put into making these photos just right before you lay eyes on them, you would forgive me entirely.

Gimme some love.

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