Thursday, December 6, 2007

Samichlaustag = Santa Claus Day

The Lowdown on Samichlaustag

5 Things you need to know about December 6 in Switzerland:

1. Samichlaus = Santa
2. Schmutzli = frightening helper

l-r: 2, 1, 2

3. Samichlaus only comes on Dec. 6 and not on Dec. 24
4. You tell Samichlaus a rhyme; he tells you if you've been nice or naughty
5. He gives you sweets & fruit if you've been nice; Schmutzli might give you a whack if you've been naughty (although he does not)

I did not go into the snowy forest and take that picture, fyi. Hopefully I will see a Samichlaus on my way to German class this evening.

To hoping you are on Samichlaus' nice list...

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