Sunday, December 2, 2007

Living the Swiss Life


Hallo Chindli. It's me, your Swiss friend Erin.
I said it elsewhere, so I'll say it here: If you feel like it, you could send me fashion magazines from North America. I would gladly accept. Here's my address (you can use it for other things too, if you want. The possibilities are endless!) :

Luisenstrasse 25
3005 Bern

On with the show.

Taking a stroll past the sheep on the way to Vanessa and Jacques' place for...

Thanksgiving Dinner!

Eva, doing something with her ears.
I'm not sure if I'm terrible or not for putting this picture on the internet...

Jacques and Vanessa's Aunt and a man who thought my name was Ireland.


"Zibelemäritz". Onion Market.
FYI this was at about 6am

I am angry because I just got confetti thrown in my face and hit on the head with a plastic hammer. This is acceptable behavior at Zibelemäritz.


Spitzbuben, mmm.

If you have any wishes from the land of Swiss cheese, cows and yodelling, please place them now. Alternatively, I will be in France 2 weekends in a row, so if it's wine, Chanel and la joie de vivre you're after, I'll also see what I can do.
Kiss kiss kiss à la Suisse.

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