Friday, December 21, 2007

Oh, Paris

Comme C'est Magnifique!

I have just been slavishly wrapping gifts for the last four hours. That's right, like a slave. The past few years I've been all about the wrapping, but today, deadlines were getting in the way of my groove. Not that getting the parcel to the post office by 6pm on the 21st of December will ensure it arrives in Canada for the 25th, but I thought: the sooner the better, right? So that is over with, but I am much poorer for it.

This is going to be a scenic-heavy post, folks, so you can relax and enjoy. Listen to some Christmas tunes while you're at it. I recommend: Sufjan Stevens - Songs for Christmas (any of the Volumes I-V).

PS. Remember: click = bigger.

Les Galeries Lafayette
(same as above photo)

Scaring away the pick-pocketers in the Metro.

Oldest house in Paris!
Note the Chinese restaurant in the bottom.

Sundown at 3pm...

In front of Notre Dame.

Spooky little hut in the forest.

I can tell it wants to be sunny.

Petit pain au chocolat.

Palais de Luxembourg.

Man with gun on horse statue.

Oh that old thing...

Best 1 out of literally 14.

This is how the Eiffel Tower got to be where it is today.

I went a bit overboard, yes.

La Seine

We saw the sun rise on the way home. It's not something one should see too often.

It was a gorgeous ride, though.

Castle on the mountain in France.

Now, I don't want anybody making cracks about Cyril and his run-in with the customs, because that is not funny yet, but here it is:
On the way home to Switzerland the customs come round on the train looking for passports, but one family kept insisting "no passports". Don't speak English, don't speak German, "don't speak French" (we suspect they did). The 4 children start crying "help please" "no Irak" and when we get to Switzerland they won't get off the train! It ended in the father being taken away in handcuffs and the train being delayed for an hour. Yikes is right.
It's a wild ride over here, I tell you.

Start of Christmas holidays: check.

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If i ever make movies, i want you to be my director of photography please thank you.