Tuesday, June 3, 2008

May Fair

No Time For Chit-Chat, Ladies

That being said, I have been casually slouching for the past hour and a half. So when I laced my fingers together behind my back and lifted my arms up, Old Bessy cracked about 14 times. I am not sitting straight like a proper lady.
That also being said, I ate part of a worm that was inside a potato the other day. I didn't taste it at all and as my mum always says, "more protein for the vegetarian, Erin!" Nice topic for chit-chatting, non?

Above photo, Lake of Thun & Spiez on a stormy Mother's Day.

Sometimes I feel like a mother, so I was relaxing too.

Then the storm rolled in.

My boy, goofing off.

Other boy.
And I would say he's also goofing off in those shades,
only I had told him to put them on,
so really he was just doing what he was asked. Angel.

The view from my window.

Jacques and Vanessa's Aunt's Russian cat.

Birthday Girl, snuggling with the gamer guitar.

Massive avocado!


Deserted tram on the way home from Fabian's.

Cyril's dad, Meinrad, his mum and Cyril.

We had a nice lunch with Grandma.

Driving through the mountains!

Father and Son

Waterfall! I forget the name.

Lake of Thun from the castle in Spiez.

At the castle.


In the rose garden.

What you find in the rose garden. What a mystery...

My mummy & sister are coming today! I hope they will be enchanted by my Swiss life.
Peace out, homies.

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Jocelyn said...

that cat it wicked!!!!
and of course we were enchanted by your swiss life sister.