Friday, June 13, 2008

Mum-Poc Visit Part I

My Side of the World

Having visited more than one city every day of their trip, I certainly think these photos are best spread over more than one jam-packed-to-explosion post.
Here is installment #1.

After lost luggage, misleading train station personnel, (not-at-all) FUN on the metro and a long train ride, Dear Mum & Sister arrived in Bern where they both broke down from utter exhaustion and were more than happy to let me take them home. I did, and they slept.

Day Two:

Mum & Jocelyn atop Bern's cathedral.

It took 3 shots to get this.
Joc was consistently nice-looking,
it was the goofs on either side messing it up.

Looking dooooown.

Sea of red brick.

FYI the cathedral seems to be haunted.


We're-waiting-for-beer faces.
This tiny place, the Altes Tramdepot, brews it's own beer.

Cat in a sac!

Day Three:

Hike up a small mountain in Neuchâtel.

Hold on, I need to "stop for a picture".
Code for "catch my breath".

Still not at the top.

Neuchatel's cathedral.

Josellini & I.

What tourists...

Ar, yer scurvy sea dog, I'm fixin' me ship!

Joc, thoroughly unimpressed by Mumsie's kisses in Luzern.


My good ol' clown shoes.

Kappelbrücke and the old town.

This makes me thirsty.
Or was it the Reese cookies I just ate?


Hello, Zürich.
Hello Jocelyn grabbing footballers' bottoms.

They were quite big.
The figures.

My namesake on the cathedral door.

I will be back shortly with more adventures from the Stodola Ladies. Until then, write me a comment. Don't be shy!
Although this will turn out being below Part II, so it's my guess you end up reading these posts backward. Such is life. You can plan everything out, but people are gonna do what they're gonna do and there ain't nothing you can do bout it!
See you around, sugar lips.

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