Friday, June 13, 2008

Mum-Poc Visit Part II

Onward, Land-Lubbers

Right here, this nicely sums up the weather in Switzerland from June 3 to 8. "Oh, let's take a nice scenic train ride through the Alps that comes down beautifully to Lake Geneva." "How lovely!" "Why can't we see any mountains?" "Oh goodness, it seems to be... now what's the right phrase? Yes, pissing rain." And foggy, if you want to up-it a notch.

Although it was a nice ride.
They probably enjoyed it more than we did
because they didn't know what they were missing.

It gave us time to goof off.

Ooh aah, Ch√Ęteau de Chillon.

Who is stepping on my head?

The view toward Montreux.

The view from the secret balcony!
Joc decided she enjoys opening closed doors in centuries-old castles.

Us on the secret balcony!
I told her to make a
"heck yes, we are so bad!" face and this is what she did.

Upon discovering Jocelyn's love of snooping,
Cyril hid in a tunnel where he figured she'd look.
We all screamed.

The King's bedroom.


Myriame having a paroose around.
(PS, why is that word not in the dictionary?
It's clearly a real word.)

Mm, wine under progress.
The ride from Montreux to Lausanne.


Joc & Mum in Geneva.
There's a giant football atop the Jet d'Eau,
but it's covered by the flag.

Jocelyn being a squirrel.

Euro fever. Oh help me.
The mamas look nice, though.

Cathedral in Geneva.

The door will eat you!

Inside having a well-deserved break.

And this nicely sums up how we felt when the day was done and over.
Again, Poc is being more subtle here with the facial expressions...

I'll let you all in on a sneak peak (it would seem I really like this phrase, as it always sounds like I just used it every time I use it. It's not even really a sneak peak this time either. Is that a self-hint?) at my summer plans.

July 2: Bern - Paris
July 4: Paris - Bristol
July 10: London - Cork
July 17: Shannon - Paris
July ?: Paris - Bern
blah blah fun sun packing blah dah
August 6: Zurich - Vancouver - (most likely) Osoyoos

Hopefully we can get HERE, to the Ireland you had no idea existed.
Any suggestions on what to see in this green green country would be lovely!

Here's to wishing you were here at Euro 08 madness and I was where you are.

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Eric Coomer said...

I actually found your blog because I was trying to find the correct spelling of "paroosing". When I typed it and saw the red line underneath, I went to Google because it usually says, "did you mean..." but no such luck.

So, there you are at the top on Google. I'm glad I looked at your blog because those are some great pictures.

Anyway, I finally found out it's spelled "perusing". Ooh, no red line!

Keep up the great work.