Friday, March 14, 2008


To the Tropics

I'm going to be honest here: this is not my best work; I did not put as much work into these photos as I usually do/should have. And it shows, which is the sad thing. I'm getting lazy? The thing is, when you have a hundred photos awaiting selection, resizing and all around editing, it's daunting! Sometimes I don't even want to start. Which is why these are also quite late, having all been taken at least 2 weeks ago. I'm full of excuses all right.
Onwards? Onwards.

Locarno, Switzerland.
The Switzerland you didn't even know existed!
There also happens t be a Locarno Beach in Vancouver - fun fact.

It's full-blown Spring there.

Incredibly, fantastically sunny.


After a day wandering Locarno, we bussed it on the last bus up up up to Mergoscia. Please note the population of 185 people (in 2004) where we received warm hospitality from friends of the Hahn/Berger family.

We slept in this barn.


Our hosts: Sabine and Johannes. The dog was also friendly.

Typical Ticino (Italian region of Switzerland) style houses.

Also very typical: random shrine in the mountain.

Let the hiking begin!

We hiked a bit through the village. I think this still counts.

Cyril's childhood summer house.

Soaking up the sun.

Palm trees? What happened to cheese and yodeling?

It was quite hot indeed! The temperature outside.

Our fart bus. If you click on the picture to make it bigger, you will see that it really is a fart bus.

After the winding (and nauseating) bus ride back down to Locarno, we skipped over to Ascona. It's a very touristy, very cute town on the lake.
PS I hope you are clicking on these links I am providing you with!


As you can tell, not quite over these palm trees.

Sunshine = happy.

Other side of Lake Maggiore.

Awesome desert plants.

Relaxing in bare feet.

Next stop: Bellinzona. We mostly went to see the castles, which are majorly impressive, but turned out to be pretty tired in the end. Could it have been the massive, steep steps to get to it from the city?


Also old!

If you imagine the "puffs" under Cyril's eyes are his eyeballs it looks really creepy.

I am in love with castles. I really could never go to enough of them.

It took a long time to fill up with water.

Chilling by the castle.

The big castle in the middle. That we did not go to.

I have had a partial breakthrough! It is about studying/the beginning of my adult life. It is this: I would enjoy studying at UBC again and I would study languages and whatnot. Then I might try my hand at journalism. Either get into the School of Journalism at UBC or finish with languages at UBC and go somewhere else. Grandpa Stodola is going to be in love with that idea, I can see it now.
Also I would like to do some photography courses. Also I would like to be a florist on the side. Like "Hello, can I do an interview and take your picture and here is a lovely flower arrangement I made."


Anonymous said...

hey, these photos are awesome and your plan sounds good. woo.

stacy said...

omggggggg, i was sooo excited that you had new post up. this is so kewl. i love it. you guys are so cute and i love that also.

Anonymous said...

it must be the day for comments. WOO, Woo!!! is right. Locarno looks like a awesome place. I hope you get back there.
Guess who?

Jocelyn said...

K, I got it. Go to UBC, study languages and journalism. work at a flower shop to get you through school. Then, when you're done school, get a job as a world reporter, or something of the like. that way you can travel around the world, use all your languages, take pictures and write stories. bam! your life is now officially planned out! :)