Thursday, February 28, 2008

Goodbye February

Conceptual Decoration, Everybody!

The cold I was determined not to get won. Je suis malade. Ich bin krank.

Today I was thinking for a second that a person 3 years younger than me would be 15. What, I'm 18 again? I really do not feel 20, though. Good grief, I'm turning 21 in a few months! Being 20 I feel like I really should have something on my Lifetime Achievement Award Application. Me? Close to nada, thank you. I think I read a depressing poem in high school about this very thing. Except he was 25 and turned out to be a famous poet, so not the same thing.
I want a magic fairy to tell me what to do with my life!

Fastnacht! It was a few weeks ago actually, but anyway.

For some reason, Bernese festivals = confetti. They really like their confetti.

They went all out on the costumes.

I'm not sure the world is ready for this. Deep breath, and look:

Time to party!

Perhaps this was a shock as well.

That's better, cover your mouth when you laugh like you belong in a mad house!

Man with the fanny pack coming in for the attack...

Bam! Apparently Vanessa did not even know he was hugging her from behind.

Get my chocolate side, please.

Fanny pack man, Sam and Cyril caught in the moment.

The Transformation

And now my boyfriend has no hair.

Spring in Winter

Fruit blossoms!

Okay, these are potted...

I bet you're jealous.

I have to tell you about a little problem I've been having recently. With escalators. In normal people's minds their brains go "I see the step, put foot on step, nicely done legs!". For me it seems to be more like "I see the step... oh damn, which one? That one! Okay legs, and step. No not that one! Oh too late, move back, faaalling over, okay and we're good. Nice save." And I really hope people don't notice me staring at those damn moving steps for 20 seconds before I decide which one to get on. It's the little things in life that make it challenging. Words of wisdom.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could be your magic fairy.
love Mum

Jocelyn said...

I think I almost died from lack of breath because I read the part about the escalators to jamee and carmen through my hysterical laughter! HAHAHA
love you!