Friday, November 2, 2007

Lausanne et Vevey

We Like The French Part

Bienvenue à Lausanne.
Une ville très charmente, suitué au bord du Lac Léman en Suisse.

Vanessa and I.

Vanessa and Cyril during one of their crazy moments.

Vanessa calmed down, but Cyril seems to have gone even more wild.
Jacques wants in on the action too.

The crazies are coming!

Jacques and I.

Snuggle/smother break.

Through pay-binoculars. It was Vanessa's idea.


The car ride there. Courtesy of Julia Wieser.

Bienvenue à Vevey.
Une jolie village des vignerons, aussi au bord du Lac Léman.

Salut des filles.

Le Julia.

Julia and Jacques.

Fork in the lake.

Cyril's lovely lady legs.

On the way to Romont to the Sennwald's for dinner.

I hope the world is ready for more of Erin's Pumpkin Pie... because there is a large pumpkin awaiting carving!
The week has exhausted me; I'm going to bed.

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