Thursday, October 2, 2008


Ireland = amazing & amazingly green.

I've never tried out this public link business that I'm going to put up here because, frankly, there are too many pictures to upload and reorganize here as well as there.


So there they are.

I'm glad Cyril got to finally see it; he's been wanting to go for a long time. We did a lot; saw a lot. Many, many bus tours. Many, many days of wearing my Sea-Bands on the windy, narrow, often cliff-side roads on large buses.

Next time I go to Ireland, however, I will make darn sure I'm old enough to rent a car! Hopefully by then I will be confident enough to drive in narrow-streeted Europe and on the left-hand side. Yikes.

Yet to come: photos from trips a bit closer to home, wherever that is.

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