Thursday, October 2, 2008


Home, Home On The Range

It just wouldn't be a trip to Medicine Hat
without a stop to feed the gophers.

It's a bit funny to write my first "Back in Canada" post two months after the "I'm back in Canada" moment. Maybe then I would have had some more profound sentiments to share, but as of now, life is just going on.

This is what life is these days: University (consisting of French grammar & medieval literature, German, Spanish and Ocean Science), trying to scrape up some free time now and then, getting our apartment together (which I think we have finally achieved, although I think it will never be DONE), getting things done that need to be done. And that last one is taking more time that I could have possibly imagined. School, I imagine it takes a lot of my time and it does. But my To-Do list with no more than 6 things on it took me 4 hours today? And I didn't even leave the house.

Hooray for being independent.

Driver change pit-stop.

Little brother got hungry.

Lovely wheat field.

Cyril & Joel checkin' out Grandma & Pappa's new crib.

The toilets at Medalta Potteries.


She was too busy eating to care about us.

Alberta Badlands.

Hoodoo with seats!

T-Rex and the Royal Tyrell Museum!


Strange animal.

Lake Louise.

We are a very enthusiastic looking bunch.

The drive home got foggy!

It's the start of my favorite month today.


Latika said...

Well said.

olsen said...

you kind of make me giving up on taking photos. yours are amazing! simply amazing!