Thursday, October 2, 2008


In the Land of Angles

Heading back in time for a minute, we'll go to the beginning of August. Yes, it has been that long since I posted. And because of that, events are not as fresh in the old brain as they would have been had I been a good blogger, so yes. So minimal commentaries, I suppose.


Driving through Dartmoor.



Bill, Auntie Peggy, Roger, Margaret, Cyril.


Bill, Pauline and that Swiss guy in the gusting July wind.

Cliffs near "Old Harry".

Getting blown off the cliffs.

The lonely rock is Old Harry.

Yeah, we were that close!

Tropics. In England.

Heather in July.

Durdle Door.


Church of Scientology, uh-oh.

At the airport.

Which leads nicely into: Ireland. Coming soon. Wait for it. Watch for it. Soon. Here.

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