Friday, February 15, 2008


We Took The Wrong Flight

And ended up in the desert. It was nice too. A bit windy, though.

Like I said, it was windy!

Oh wait, there were dunes by the ocean in Bergen aan Zee

Still windy.

Marne, our fabulous Dutch host!

We had been visiting his parents. Lovely also.

Dutch breakfast/occasional sandwich/baby shower tradition/snack/okay, they eat it all the time: sprinkles on bread/toast. Just try it, you'll be amazed.

Welcome to the most confusing city in the world.

Reason: damn canals; everywhere. Yeah, they're nice to look at, but when every street looks basically the same, you begin to resent them a bit. Especially if you are lucky enough to be as directionally challenged as I am.

It decided to be sunny for about a second.

Next day it was raining cats, dogs and raw meat. The latter, literally. "Yes, let's throw raw meat out the window for the herons whilst the tourists are distracted!"

Marne, in a very important business call in the cake shop.

Cutest cake shop ever.

Cyril decided to get lost on his own in Amsterdam for 3 hours whilst I had visions of him being beaten, robbed and left to die in an alleyway. Finally we found him.

Canal tour.

The narrowest house in Amsterdam! It's one door wide.

I love the black painted houses.

Some town from the sky.

Canals in the Netherlands.

Happy Valentine's Day for yesterday. Or if you prefer, Stalintine's Day. I think I sort of do. I don't mean to brag or anything, but let me just say that I spent it with my schatzi looking out on the Matterhorn from the highest viewing point in Europe. Bam.

Myriame bought a bread machine this afternoon. She brought it home, Cyril ripped open the package, read the instructions, went to go buy flour and an hour later, a happy little bread was being made. 30 minutes to go...

1 more thing: August 6
This is an important date; I'm coming home! I know you've probably all forgotten me at home by now, but... I have no idea where I was going with that.


cyril said...

what about the cat boat?

Jake Orr said...

Hey Erin!

I like a lot of your photos, they're fancy dancy. Your processing techniques are good times too. I like how you make things look.

I'm sad that I cannot comment on each photo though, because there are lots of cool ones! That narrow house pretty much blows my freaking mind. Truth.

Anonymous said...

What - no cat boat?
Cool beach photos.
And we're looking forward to Aug 6.
love Mum