Thursday, August 30, 2007

Since Paris

Where I Live
(Sort of. That's not actually my house)

In case you have not been informed: I happen to live in quite a rich neighbourhood in Bern among the foreign embassies. It's kind of a big deal. Just kidding. It is where the foreign embassies are though, and it is a rich neighbourhood. So actually I was being serious.

Cyril by his old school. Soon he will be a Uni boy.

Goodbye Fairbanks. Friends of Cyril's. They once opened for Fall Out Boy, which is pretty big.

Cyril works in this store.

My boiz!
Oliver and Robin
(In case you also didn't know: I am the au pair for these little rascals. It's really cute when they want to cuddle like that, but they usually end up fighting a few seconds later)

Robin likes to think he's a big boy. But really he's 2 years old and can't talk yet.

Sweet rocket.

Dad Sebastian, pet-dog-for-a-day Heidi and Oliver.

He's obsessed with cars, planes, motorbikes and machinery. It's a little hard to find things in common...

We went to Ikea to buy a mirror and plants. Ikea has a wonderful system of bottomless coffee, which unfortunately does not agree with my system. But is it any wonder after 4 cups in a row?

Julia and her boyfriend Matt from Canada waiting for some mini golf. (With her New Zealand accent, she calls it put-put. What kind of name is put-put?)

Julia, lady telling us the group behind thought we were taking too long even though we were only 6 and they were at least 8 and we had to split up for a while to go faster all because of whiny Swiss farmers, Michelle, Nicolas and Matt's arm.

Isabelle, Michelle (who, together with Nicolas and their brother Philippe, are quadruplets), Julia and Cyril

Bern Young Boys vs. Lance (possibly)

It wasn't a very exciting game, but it was a nice sunset.

Cyril gets very into football. It's probably more amusing to watch him than the match.

What else I have done since Paris:
- Started new job
(Am getting used to it. I admit, 2 young boys is more work than I bargained for and that is not making me the happiest of campers. I won't whine about it now. If you want to hear, ask)
- Tried to start German lessons
(But since I was lazy when I first arrived, no-can-do until November. So until then I will continue to stare blankly at cashiers when they ask me questions)
- Met more old and new people.
(Good, good, good)
- Bought a new mobile phone
(Even though you can still make calls and write texts, doesn't mean the phone is necissarily any good anymore. It needs to keep a charge for longer than 25 minutes. It was M-Budget anyway, so it's not like it was a big chunk out of my pocket)
- That's probably about it

I hope you're doing well and enjoying what you're doing.

Here's to waiting for the weekend and wishing everyday was a lie-in day!

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Simon Westgarth said...

Nice to see that you are back over here. The skiing in Berner Oberland is very good and the scene in Interlaken vibrant. Have fun ad try and stay for the Winter as it's an excellent spot, especially the World Cup Skiing at Wenger.