Monday, September 10, 2007

Pictures of Swiss Land and a Zoo

Lake of Thun

As of right now, I am sick with a cough that makes my throat feel like it's being scratched with broken glass and also a giant headache. NeoCitron tastes the same here as it does at home: bad. Although I'm listening to this guy called Jens Lekman and I'm really really liking his style, so that's good, and also Cyril left me a note that says: "I have a surprise! xoxo & Muntschi" (he's working right now, hence the note).

Cyril's mummy, Myriame and Jan.

We went to visit Myriame's brother, Alfonso (pictured here with his son, Taiyo) on the Lake of Thun where they have an apartment. Nice.

I must say: I love this photo.

One day we went to Bienne. It's a bilingual city, and really pretty much everything is French and German.

He's just a really tall kid.

Many other people would throw these photos out, but we made them like this on purpose.

Feets walking around Bienne.

Cyril and I took the boys to the zoo one day. They fed the sea lions (there was a baby) and the penguins! These are penguins.

That bear is so close!

There are flamingos.

We went to the top of the Gurten mountain and it was really cold up there! That's Bern, by the way.

Cold and windy.

The tower was also pretty much only made of wood and it swayed in the wind. Nice.

We climbed a tree there.

It was pretty hard to get up unless you have giant long legs like Cyril.

Then he jumped out. And got me down.

The river Aare.


I bought some Oreos today when I went shopping for the family. I love love going grocery shopping.


Lily said...

looking gorgeous as always.

those little boys are soooo gosh darn cute.

Poc said...

even tho the little guy maybe be a monster, his cuteness makes us for it!
gee almost forgot what you looked like. i think i'm starting to look more and more like you, you know that!? i was looking at some picture the other day at granny and grandpa's and noticed, as well as these ones, kinda.
hm, your photography amazes me sometimes! i just don't understand how you can take pictures like that. i tried, but failed miserably!!!
you said leave a comment, so here you are.

Erin said...

thanks for the comment. we just can't deny our sisterly connection!
keep trying with the photos... it takes practice too.

yeah they are pretty cute! actually they're super cute when they're being cute and now that I'm with them more the cute times are coming out more.