Sunday, August 19, 2007

Paris and a Small Update


Currently in Bern, Switzerland, listening to a musician who played in Paris a few weeks ago. Incidently, Cyril and I were also in Paris a few weeks ago.

Beginning of August I flew out to Paris to meet Cyril, whom I hadn't seen in over a month, spend a few days in a free apartment and relax before heading here where both of us are now working and living with his family.


After not seeing Cyril for so long, he is still the same.

Wonderful apartment we stayed in for free thanks to Jan.

First dinner in Paris. Wine is cheap in Europe.

It was really hot out.
Near the Louvre, which I didn't go in, again.

We went to Russia on the metro.

Very small chair - perfect size for me really.

Thanks for the sunglasses, Dad.
Some really weird park with weird people and weird things.

Cafe from Amelie!
We were walking around, had just seen the Moulin Rouge, and there it was.

She made me so angry.
"Ha ha, I'm so cool." If you ever see her, kick her in the shins for me.



Sacre Coeur
I didn't take too many touristy pictures, but it looked too epic not to.
We didn't even go to the Eiffel Tour at all.

Oh you Parisians.
Somewhere near Place des Abessess.

From Amelie as well. By Sacre Coeur and the guys who scam tourists with bracelets and won't let go until they give them stupid amounts of money.

Just outside the city is La Defence - the whole place is so neat.

Like I said.

Mmm, lolly

It's perfectly alligned with l'Arc de Triomphe (WAY) down the street and it's really huge.

You can go to the top!

It was really cold and windy at the top.

Recognize this, OSS students? The bad boy Mr Kelliher used was in an expo on the history of computers.

There was a really big thumb at La Defence.

Dessert wine Lily gave us. Mmm wine.

We went shopping. No doubt ended up at H&M. And there was only one pair of these ridiculously large sunglasses left, which means girls are actually wearing them around - they're like 5 times bigger than my head.

Then it was cold and rainy the rest of the time.

Somewhere near Place d'Italie.

I'm glad we discovered the Quartier Latin - the student quarter.

Delicious falafel. Not a delicious picture.


The cemetery by the apartment is massive.
It's the one where Jim Morrison is burried. And Oscar Wilde. This is his grave, with lipstick marks all over it. Yum

It was pretty, as far as cemeteries go.

Some random dead guy.

The train to Bern. A woman had to go to the toilet, twice, so she gave me her baby to look after.

Not many photos from here yet. Cyril gets a bit embarassed when he's out in town and his girlfriend is acting like a tourist. Plus I usually just go to work and then I'm too tired (from trying to instill some discipline into the boys I look after) to act like a tourist anyway.
Good news is: I'm winning the discipline battle, though sometimes with difficulty, I'm starting to understand Swiss German (which wasn't even my intention; this language is insane - it's completely verbal and messed up) and I'm getting on great with Cyril's friends. Plus I'm in Europe and that's fantastic.

So that's that.


aaron said...

I really like Cyril's blue and black sweater.

I wish I had one too.

I send love to both of you.

Erin said...

Aaron, you can get one at H&M when you move out east in less than 2 weeks!
hope you're doing well.

aaron said...

that's like the greatest thing ever.
i'll get someone to take a photo of me in a similar pose too.


Anonymous said...

Hey it's bianca. I must say I'm so jealous not only of your astounding travels, but also of your amazing ability to capture them. You're so lucky and have a wonderful gift. Canada isn't the same without you in it.

Kaley said...

Oh Erin, your life is all glamourous again! I'm jealous of course but mostly just excited for you.

You'll have to give me your address soon so that I can send you letters from Toronto. Because I'm your penpal.

jules said...

hey hon, now its my turn to get to look at gorgeous pictures with fun commentary - yeei!!! =) awesome pictures... you should definitely post some of the mindblowing putt putt experience!
c ya soon

Stan Kelliher said...

What a great experience. Hope all goes well. Can you yodel yet? How much did they want for "my" computer?...........Stan Kelliher