Tuesday, May 6, 2008

All April

Can You Hear Me Now?

Oliver's 7th Birthday
(Note: Robin's facial expression)

After snowing twice and being all-around miserable in April, May has brought near-summer weather and I cannot get enough. Until three in the afternoon when I'm struggling with Robin to get his nappies on or even eleven in the morning when I'm carrying home multiple litres of milk etc and sweating like a maniac.

More from Oliver's birthday.

The new trampoline.

Here's Sebastian looking as though he's tripping a little boy.

Deliiiiiicious waffles in Lausanne.

Jacques' gift from Cyril and I.

Vanessa, Jacques & Vanessa's mum, Magola and Jacques.

He got a sparkler cake.

The big 2-2.

It snowed on our way to the train.

Jacques loved it.

It was stunning, actually. In a good way.

It was also cold out.

Oliver in Gstaad.

We went there for lunch, you know.

The hotel Sebastian's parents used to run.

Swiss countryside.


Robin's 3rd Birthday

He can't even get through them all before chowing down on a gift.

ONO in Bern.

Powa Run, live!

It was so fun even I had to get in on the action.

Powa Run leaves the stage.
Two minutes later, Jacques is at the mic.
"HELLO? Hello? Hello? Uh, hi. Do you want us to play another song?"
Half-hearted applause.
"What was that?"
Louder applause. Then they played two more songs.

The girls who organized the show.

Jumping hugs.
Vanessa's boyfriend, William, in the back, laughing.

To Montreux!

Mini golf with a river!

Andrea, doing an amazing put.

The loooove birds.

Love birds #2.

A teacher of Jacques' made that statue.

Soaking up the long rays.

City of Montreux.

William in Cyril's shades.

Jacques, who else?

It was a nice sunset.


Aaand it's gone.

Of course our ESL (English as a Second Language)
boys needed to pose by the sign... pointing... to ESL?

Now I am honestly surprised that my eyelids have not given up on me entirely and let me fall asleep in my computer chair. I might have to keep these ones around, they're quite good.
Peace out, Good Ladies and Gents!

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