Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Swiss Flay-vah

Little Bit Here Little Bit There


Yes I understand it has been far too long since I have slapped anything new onto this here blog. That sounded country-ish. Speaking of country (which I just said in a very thick southern drawl in my head) I never thought I would ever even tolerate the awful sound of the steel string guitar and nasal voices. I have underestimated myself. Now, I don't mean Shania Twain/Tim Macrath/thankfully I don't know any country singers, but I do mean give me a bloody harmonica and I'm going to rock out! I also mean Cyril wrote a new song that has a serious Bob Dylan/country vibe to it and I sing and I love it. At first he couldn't help himself but do the Bob voice, but he has turned that down a notch.

I'd better get on with the show; soon I have to go to a show. A Cyril and Jacques show.


He used to think it was made of real pepper and hated it and now he loves it.

I hope there will be a better picture of my new haircut soon.

Ninja Turtles, Swiss style.


Budding sculptor, Oliver.

Robin brandishing a very threatening ruler.

I once made him lego art; he was not very impressed.

At the zoo.

ROAR. He was so so close.

Ice skating!

I couldn't believe how rusty I was at first.

Preparing for a "jump". Scary business!

It was really lovely.

Behind every Swiss park is a cow pasture.

Bug-eating plant!

There was a little Botanical Garden, in case you were wondering.

Abandoned "noggi". (Pronounced: nookie)

Too cool for school.


Carrots I found at Jacques' place (real colour). They also have green banana-vegetables.

Lake of Thun and Niederhorn.

Thunersee (Lake of Thun)

My Swiss Mami, Myriame, and I.

Lake of Thun (did I say that already?)

In the mountains (Beatusberg) at a lodge like a real Swiss!

It was kind of a terrible, windy road. The back seat was the wrong choice.

Front seat, muuuuch better!

Hello Switzerland.

Since I last posted I've read/"read" three books.
1. "Read" as in listened to the audiobook, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
2. Eleonor Rigby by Douglas Coupland.
3. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
And I have realised: Audiobooks rock my world. And I want to see #3 book's movie.

I wish Swiss greetings weren't so terribly awkward and ambiguous for me as they so painfully are. 3 kisses, a kiss and a hug, a hug, a handshake, nothing, high five with the foot, 14-step secret handshake? Good grief people! It almost never never fails that I go for one thing and the other person goes for another. And then I'm left there looking like a fool and the other person no doubt felt my hand under his armpit by accident (has really happened) or a kiss on the ear (also has occurred; I wouldn't doubt more than once) . Getting to know new people, there are different greetings for them all.
Jacques & Vanessa = hugs
Girl quadruplets = hugs
Boy quadruplets = 3 kisses
Sam = a kiss and hug
Julia = I haven't seen her in so long I forget. We'll see how that goes when I get back!
Myriame = 3 kisses and a hug
The others = continue to be as awkward as possible.

Can we just leave it at the 3 kisses and never go through that silly dance ever again? Merci.
That being said, I love the 3 kisses.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas Vacation

Northern Wanderings

I wish my whole life was a holiday.
Here's the thing: it is dark by 4pm in Denmark! Crazy, right? But the thing that was amazing about that was the sun seemed to be always about to set, so the shadows were beautifully long for about 3 hours before the sun actually went down. Plus the sun seems a lot bigger than it does here.
Above picture: Nyhavn in Copenhagen. Probably the most photographed place in the city. Join in the cliché.

Cyril and I somewhere in Copenhagen.

Post boxes!

Skating Danes!

He got a bit upset and took it out on the pole. Pretty strong, right?

Kaley, this is for you.

The Børse. Where they used to trade stuff.


Tivoli! I know we're terrible, we did not go in...

City Hall?

We are sad because the birds did not fly for us in the previous picture.

Rosenborg Slot. Most of it was closed for restoration, so really we paid to see 1&1/2 rooms in the actual castle. At least we got to see those Crown Jewels! Make me Royalty any day...


Malmö, Sweden

It's really amazing how many brilliant musicians come out of Sweden. They really have more than their share of great artists. I half expected singing all over the streets.

Nobody is singing, there must be something wrong!

Really neat building on the way to...


It wasn't really that good. Surprise.

Helsingør, Denmark

On the way to...

Kronborg Slot!
(Hamlet's Castle, apparently)

Picnic by the seaside.

It was quite large. Although not as impressive from the inside as they never decorated it nicely again after a fire hundreds of years ago. They also make you go into the underground level through creepy tunnels with only tiny lights and arrows to guide.

Do you smell that air?!

The bank in Helsingør.

From our window in the morning.

Anglican Church in Copenhagen.

Part of one of the best preserved fortifications in Europe.

The End of the World.

Oh look, The Little Mermaid.
Hans Christian Anderson, a resident of Copenhagen, wrote the famous story about her.

Cyril biking to The Black Diamond; part of the library. Very fancy. There are awesome bicycle lanes in Copenhagen.

On the way to hippie-town!

Christiania , a very interesting part of Copenhagen.
I accidentally caused an old man on a wooden, low-rider, huge handlebar bicycle to crash into a bush and I thought we would not make it out in one piece. We did.

Taken right before we had "ARE YOU STUPID?" repeatedly yelled in our faces and I was given the choice to: a) "delete that picture in front of me" or b) "I'll ****ing cross your head". Apparently there were huge no picture signs; don't want to be seen selling drugs now!
Nice place, right?

A quieter part of Christiania.

Finally sunny! The day we leave.

Danes really do make the best danishes.

Happy Post-Christmas Shopping. I know my mother and I enjoyed it!
PS - We saw Wes Anderson's newest film, The Darjeeling Limited in the oldest cinema in Copenhagen. It was brilliant. Really brilliant. It didn't have too much of the Anderson-feel (the characters are completely wild and they live in their own special world) I've come to expect from his films and I missed that (some parts were a bit too much like a "regular" movie), but it was nonetheless very very good. I like Wes Anderson in India.