Sunday, November 18, 2007

Autumn In May + Crew in Baden

The Music Men at Work

Cyril, Dave and Ben.
(The latter two boys being from the band Goodbye Fairbanks)

Cyril and I went to the Paul Klee Museum in Bern today. I got a lot of really good ideas for our apartment in Vancouver. Some people get annoyed at artists who make very simple works (ie, that time the Canadian government bought that piece with one huge stripe for millions of dollars and the public got really upset about it - which is understandable, really) but I just get inspired. "Hey, that looks amazing. I could do something like that..."

Autumn in May in Baden

They had a concert in the same city the night before. No photos.
I'll just say: the venue was cold as hell.

Sound checkin'.

Still sound checking...

Jacques fixing my headache.

Let the show begin...

Jacques rockin' out.

Cyril and Ben.

The drummer, Dave, whipped out the saxophone to mix things up a bit.

Celebratory cigarette?

Cyril's shiny locks.

Enjoying the cold pizza.

Back to Work

Recently we awoke to: major snow!

Little Robin.

Big and small feet.

Oliver's school is literally across the street.


Otherwise, if I didn't say already; Put in your Christmas wishes now! It's creeping up, but luckily Cyril and I will be heading to two Christmas markets two weekends in a row. One in Strasbourg and the other all over Paris sometime. How I am looking forward to four lovely days in the Paris apartment again...
I smell dinner.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Halloween Party

Party Animals

Party People:
1. Leopard Jacques.
Rest: Michelle, Julia, Nicolas, Isabelle, Cyril, Erin, Vanessa

As you may be able to tell by now, we are people to like to throw parties. Sometimes I get stressed out by wanting to have everything near perfect (how I hope this will change by the time my wedding rolls around; I do not want the name "Bridezilla" to come up) but my last minute apple crisp was enjoyed, so I can take it.

Getting Leoparfied!


Leopard, Margot Tenenbaum, Panda Bear.

Greek Godess and Mario.

Fondue Phase I

Fondue Phase II

It was very delicious, thank you.

Margot and Richie Tenenbaum

He went a little wild with the fur coat.

Miss Panda.

Grr ladies.

Jacques' Jack-o-Lantern.

Other than spooky festivities, I started German lessons yesterday. It's fine, but I did get singled out by the teacher and told I have very good German. He is incidently also the German teacher of my au pair family's previous au pair. Funny. I am also getting much better at understanding the Swiss German of Danielle, Cyril and Myriame. Still pretty hopeless with Joe Somebody, though.

I am really keen to get back to England. I can feel its special atmosphere and tone and I miss it a lot.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Lausanne et Vevey

We Like The French Part

Bienvenue à Lausanne.
Une ville très charmente, suitué au bord du Lac Léman en Suisse.

Vanessa and I.

Vanessa and Cyril during one of their crazy moments.

Vanessa calmed down, but Cyril seems to have gone even more wild.
Jacques wants in on the action too.

The crazies are coming!

Jacques and I.

Snuggle/smother break.

Through pay-binoculars. It was Vanessa's idea.


The car ride there. Courtesy of Julia Wieser.

Bienvenue à Vevey.
Une jolie village des vignerons, aussi au bord du Lac Léman.

Salut des filles.

Le Julia.

Julia and Jacques.

Fork in the lake.

Cyril's lovely lady legs.

On the way to Romont to the Sennwald's for dinner.

I hope the world is ready for more of Erin's Pumpkin Pie... because there is a large pumpkin awaiting carving!
The week has exhausted me; I'm going to bed.